FreeBSD Server Administration

Emergency SupportWe have the right team to manage, secure,optimize and administrate Freebsd servers and we have being doing that for the last 6 years. You can focus on growing your business while our freebsd experts would keep the servers stable and secure. We currently manage hundreds of freebsd servers that run critical applications and we have been ensuring that they are up and running 24/7/365.

Kernel recompilation and tuning on freebsd servers.
The kernel is a server heart and we would do that make sure that they are best optimized for your systems.
Software package upgrades on freebsd servers.
Regular updates ensure that the servers are secure and stable and have the latest
Freebsd OS upgrades to the latest version.
We will help you migrate to the latest Freebsd version seamlessly
Monitoring and Proactive response.
24/7/365 monitoring of services and proactive responses to failures.
Configuration of IPF and PF firewalls.
Security is of importance and we would configure firewalls to keep out the intruders
OS Optimization and Fine tuning.





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