Server Management

Our server management plans cover every aspect of your server to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for your website and customers. Our team will remotely handle all of your server technical issues involving configuration, optimization, security - all bundled with 24/7 server monitoring. Our support engineers can cover both your Linux and Windows servers with a variety of control panel configurations. Leave the headache with us while you get back to growing your company.


Basic Server

  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring & Response
  • 60 Minute Response Guarantee
  • Pro-Guard Server Security

Advanced Server

  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring & Response
  • 30 Minute Response Guarantee
  • Pro-Guard Server Security

Critical Server

  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • 24x7 Server Monitoring & Response
  • 20 Minute Response Guarantee
  • Pro-Guard Server Security
Linux Server
Basic Advanced Critical
Why pay for each ticket? Unlike those other guys, we allow you to submit unlimited tickets, so that you can rest assured your concerns will be resolved without exceeding some needless quota. Unlimited Linux Server
Administration Tickets
With our monitoring service, you can literally rest assured that your server is being monitored all day, every day. Every five minutes, we'll monitor critical services such as ping and web, and we'll take immediate action if a problem is detected. 24/7 Server Monitoring
- 5 Min Interval
If we detect that your server goes down, we will immediately respond to issue a reboot, or contact your datacenter to get the server back online.15 Minute Emergency
We will ensure that your server is up to date with the control panel and other available software such as Apache, MySQL and more.Control Panel Updates
and Server Patches
Your server needs to be secured, but by default, it is exposed. Our initial server hardening will, as the name suggests, harden your server against malicious attacks through a wide array of critical adjustments.Pro-Guard Server Security
Our developers built and maintain a server management software that allows you to create controlled access to your servers, monitor user activity, run commands on all your servers and much more!Free Ezeelogin License
Your server needs specific software to run smoothly. We install that software for you so that your server runs efficiently and safely.Standard 3rd Party Server
Our administrators know how to optimize and correct a configuration for different server environments. Our experience will ensure that your server is properly tuned and tweaked for ultimate reliability and security.Initial Server Optimization
We will pro-actively ensure that software will update and patches are applied when released.Server Patches & Upgrades
Your server's DNS is critical. Without it, visitors cannot access any site on your server. With our nameserver and DNS management service, we ensure that your server is accessible and reliable.Nameserver & DNS
No matter how well a server is protected, an attack is always possible. If the worst happens to you, we evaluate what happened and make adjustments to help prevent such an attack from reoccurring.Re-Secured Post Intrusion
Our team will optimize multiple services on server, including everything from Apache, MySQL, Exim, Litespeed and much more.Performance Tuning
Should your server go offline for a hardware failure, we will work with the datacenter to restore data and get the server back online.Hardware Failure Restoration
Did you lose critical data? It happens to all of us. When it does happen, your data must be restored, and we'll handle that for you.Server Backup Restoration
Do you have questions about the best way to administer your server and the sites that are hosted on it? Our consultation service allows you to converse with our staff, who can best guide you on your way.Server Administration
Even the most secure server needs critical updates to its kernel. We handle that for you so you never have to worry about missing a critical update.Server Kernel Upgrades
We don't like to see a server go under attack. That's why we take proactive measures, so that everything that can possibly be done to prevent an attack is done...before it happens.Proactive Server Security
We will constantly monitor the output of server logs to ensure problems are resolved, before they become problems. This entails stopping outbound spammers, restarting failed services, and fixing services on the server.Server Log Analysis
If you have a special server that requires certain configurations or changes made to it not normally handled, then our custom settings ensure that our team will be able to make the necessary modifications to your server. Please ask us for details.Custom Needed Settings
This is a fee charged for the custom set up of your account, and allows us to give you the expert, dedicated attention that you need and deserve.Setup Fee $20 $25 $50
24 Hour Setup!

At Supportmonk, we want to match you with the plan that's right for you. We're not just here to make a sale. While we'd love your business, we'd love it more if we matched you with the right plan the first time. Unlike other companies, we won't sell you something you don't need. We have a plan that's right for you.

Above are our various plans and the services that come with them. Choose the plan that best fits your needs, and of course if you have questions before you purchase a plan, we'll be more than happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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Pro-Guard Security

Our Pro-Guard Security audit is a comprehensive security review of your server to ensure maximum security.

Supported Control Panels

Free CDN Setup

We've partnered with CloudFlare to offer a FREE CDN service with our hosting, to increase the performance and security of your website.

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